FAQ last updated: September 10, 2014

Yes, if fact we have had Environmental Health Practitioners recommend our courses. Remember the law states food handlers must be ‘supervised and instructed and/or trained in food hygiene matters commensurate with their work activity’ The law does not specify any particular course or awarding body.

If you are a food manufacturer with or working towards the BRC Standard, all of our clients use the ALLSAFE courses for their training food hygiene and HACCP training and have had no problems in meeting the training requirements of the standard.

Following the findings of the DAVIDSON REVIEW a letter was sent by the Food Standards Agency to all Environmental Health Departments which clearly states that the necessary food hygiene skills can be obtained by ‘self learning’ and do not necessarily have to include attending formal or accredited training. CLICK HERE for a copy of this letter.

Yes, all our food hygiene, HACCP and H&S courses were independently assessed and certificated by the Royal Institute of Public Health on publication. ALL of our courses are now certificated by the CPD Certification Service this ensures the materials are suitable for Continuing Professional Development.

The Induction food hygiene and Health & Safety Programme is aimed at new starters in the food industry and meeting the Industry Guides recommendations for the level of training required within the first 4 weeks of employment. As an employer, if you have a high turnover of staff this is a good low cost option to provide the necessary training during the employees probationary period. Polish, Latvian Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Russian translations are available at this level of training.

The Level 2 Food hygiene Distance Learning course is the recommended level of training required by ALL food handlers within 3 months of employment. This training should also be refreshed every 3 years. This course meets the new Level 2 syllabus requirements for caterers and manufacturers.

Level 3 (Intermediate) Food Safety is the level of training required by food handlers who have supervisory responsibilities in catering for example unit managers, unit supervisors, chef manager, bar or pub managers, chef, operations or general managers and owner/operators of home catering or mobile catering business.

In a manufacturing environment, this course would be suitable for production supervisors, team leaders, line leaders, production managers, QA staff.

All the courses are written in plain English, the Induction, Foundation (Level 2) Food Hygiene, HACCP and H&S courses are suitable for anyone from secondary school age upwards. We have had many successful school pupils up to a 92 year old!

The Managing Allergens and Intermediate Food Safety courses are aimed at supervisor / management level.

All the courses are developed in-house and this together with long print runs keeps the production costs down. It is also our philosophy to maintain all our products at the lowest possible price. You need to do or provide training to ensure the safety of your products and public safety and we believe you should pay a fair price and not be overcharged.

The postage is calculated on the weight of goods ordered and is structured in weight bands. The postage cost can been seen when you select the destination of the delivery during checkout, before payment is processed. For low weight orders e.g. up to 4 Foundation Food hygiene course books, the goods will be sent by Royal Mail 2nd class post. For 5 or more course books it is more cost effective to despatch by courier and this is a next day delivery (2 day delivery for Ireland and Scottish Highlands and Islands).

Depending on location  overseas orders will either be dispatched by air mail or courier service.

Yes, in fact in 2006 we won a major export award for the ALLSAFE products. We can deliver our courses and publications on a worldwide basis.

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This depends on you!

To give you a guide:

The induction course is around 1 – 2 hours learning time.

Level 2 Food Hygiene, HACCP and H&S courses are around 6 – 9 hours learning time.

Managing Food Allergens is around 10 – 12 hours learning time

Intermediate Food Safety is approximately 20 hours learning time.

Please note, you learn at your own pace, you can take as long as you need to complete the courses.

In the perforated section at the back of the course books you will find a ‘Training Record’ and ‘Exam Order Form’. Complete the ‘Training Record’ when you have finished the course and sign it, it will also need to be counter-signed by your invigilator, this is usually your supervisor, manager, director or business owner. Next fill in the ‘Exam Order Form’ with the details of your invigilator.

If you are not working, your invigilator can be any independent professional person.

Your sealed exam paper will be sent to your nominated invigilator together with invigilator guidelines

Examinations are typically taken in your workplace if your nominated invigilator is your supervisor or manager etc… but if you are not working you can take your examination at home, or other suitable location with your nominated independent invigilator. Some clients have taken their exams in local libraries, job centres and British Council offices. Provided the location meets the invigilation requirements you will be able to take your exam.

For the Intermediate Food Safety examination you must take the examination in the presence of an RIPH Invigilator. You can take your examination at our offices in Wigan at no extra charge. If you wish to take your exam locally we can try to arrange your exam with a local RIPH training centre, but they will charge an examination invigilation fee.

For the Induction, Foundation (Level 2) Food Hygiene, HACCP, Managing Allergens and H&S courses, the examinations papers are marked in-house and will be marked and certificates despatched within 5 days of receipt.

For the Intermediate Food Safety course you will be taking the Royal Institute of Public Health’s examination. On receipt of your completed examination, it is forwarded to the RIPH for marking, this process takes up to 6 weeks before certificates are returned.

If you have worked through the course materials this should not happen, but if you do fail, you can simply re-sit your examination. There is a re-sit examination fee payable.